Introduction: Full Auto Knex Gun

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So i was looking at myomys full auto theory and thought, he is making this way to complicated. So I added a few changes and used a simple trigger to make the first fully functioning full auto knex gun. It shoots 9 shoots in less than a second but when put in slow mo one my phone, you can see each individual shot being fired. With a little help from the dunkis I declare this the first functioning full auto knex gun. I realize that knexguy123456 or what ever his name is made a full auto knex gun, but his could only hold 2 which doesn't really count IMO. So let's talk about stats.

Full auto
Looks ok
9 shot
Complicated mech
Jams very little
High rof
The rof is so fast that the whole controllable part is useless since it fires so fast but nevertheless is controllable.
Long reload times (about a min)

Firing demo -

Over view of gun-

So I hope you guys enjoy my first innovative knex gun.

Blue mullet - trigger mech off his blowback rifle
The dunkis- helping me figure this thing out
Myomy- for being the first to make a similar mech