Introduction: Knex Concept Gun: Bullpup Bolt Action Repeating Slingshot

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Hello instructables! My third collaboration with blue mullet, and it's a big achievement! A bullpup bolt action, repeating sling shot. This gun was inspired by the cross bolt nerf gun. Many people over the years have been trying to make a repeating sling shot, the biggest mistake people made when building was putting the mag in front of the trigger. With this design, the slide pulls back the rubber band on to a trigger that is angled below the main barrel. Then a arm pulls the bullet out of the mag, over the trigger, and onto the barrel. Never before has someone made a repeating slingshot, that uses one single motion.

I could have never done it without blue mullet. He was not able to finish his because of his ball machine hornets nest. We brain stormed for hours on this mighty task. Long tedious hours of building with plastic, and shooting cats with nerf guns hehe (sorry I had to say it blue)

Hopefully this concept will be tackled by other users and Mabey one day take over pin guns.

It's a repeating sling shot!
Bolt Action
70 foot range
Shoots metallic clips and purple connectors
Very nice trigger
Decent looks
Jams very little
Bolt come out the back of the gun :(

Hopefully this sparks some innovation back in the community. I will have a vid up soon and blue mullet should have one after his ball machine is complete.

Again special thanks to Blue Mullet!
~Lucas The Boss~