Introduction: Gears of War 2 Lancer Assault Rifle

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What's up guys and gals, ben_the_builder here with my ALMOST fully functional Gears of War 2 "Lancer" assault rifle. It is quite literally to the best of my ability. Probably one of (possibly THE best) my greatest achievements so far. Unlike my other guns, I went for details on this one... EVERYTHING.. was about detail.. except when i ran out of pieces to add in the angles on the top of the gun between the sights, nor the circle sights on the original gun, BUT, on the other hand, i did come up with this functional beauty of a gun <3 ENJOY!


Step 1: And Away, We, Go.. Barrel

okay, this dawns the beginning of the end >: D MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAhaahahhaa...ha..haha..... okay.. I'm kidding

BUT, it does dawn the beginning on an awesome building adventure!!!

NOTE! there are some purposefully broken pieces used in this instructable, and (as always) broken rods.

let us begin, shall we?..


1) build yourself 2 of these.
2) add in the rods shown in the picture (in case you can't see them, there's 6 blue rods, all in the same places on the connectors.
3) make these.
4) make sure you wrap this connection in a bit of tape, don't go over-board with it though!
5) add the, like so.
6) another angle.
7) add on the second third layer from the beginning.
8) make these panels (don't worry about discoloration, it's just an outer shell for looks).
9) attach to barrel like so.

Step 2: Chainsaw and Fore-grip

PIC 1-5) make these components, 2 and 4 are just different angles. 
PIC 6) make this panel and add the rods.
PIC 7) close up of the top.
PIC 8) okay, this is your "chain", there are 13 links in case you are wondering.
PIC 9) head.
PIC 10) close up.
PIC 11) tail close up.
PIC 12) is should clip on in here like so, add the connector for strength.
PIC 13) make these.
PIC 14) put together like so.
PIC 15) make the chain "guide".
PIC 16) the top end.
PIC 17) underside.
PIC 18) top angle.
PIC 19) tail.
PIC 20) underneath the yellow connectors.
PIC 21) attach the previous component like so. PLEASE LOOK AT THE PHOTO CLOSELY!
PIC 22) okay, to attach the "head" you'll need to disconnect the connectors, then slip ONE side of the guide through the gap between the chain link, and the outer plate.. just.. look A\at the photo... trust me.
PIC 23) see, like this, then just clip in the end of the white rod between he connector gap in the next photo.
PIC 24) just like that.
PIC 25) the right side of what you should have so far.
PIC 26) nice and snug : D.
PIC 27) add the other panel.
PIC 28) attach the barrel and plates like so.
PIC 29) attach TWO of the components from the beginning of this step just like this.
PIC 30) don't worry about the hanging of the guide, it'll attach about here when it's completed.
PIC 31) same goes for the chain, it'll attach to about here when it's complete.
PIC 32) add on the other components from the beginning of this step just here, then wrap a laccy or two around 'em to keep them in place
PIC 33) make the fake barrel attachment, it's just a couple of small gears wrapped in tape and i think there's a few spacers between them.
PIC 34) add the fake barrel like so.
PIC 35) the final product so far!! keep it up!

Step 3: Mag-well and Butt/Stock

PIC 1) make this component.
PIC 2) another angle.
PIC 3) make these.
PIC 4) add this part here like so.. and prepare yourself for tricky-ness.
PIC 5) make this and get the spacers.
PIC 6) make 2 of these panels.
PIC 7) attach NINE of these rods.
PIC 8) aaaaaand this is the tricky bit. : |
PIC 9) add the next panel.
PIC 10) add these like so.
PIC 11) make this.
PIC 12) attach to the bottom of the mag-well/trigger area.


PIC 13) make this.
PIC 14) another angle.
PIC 15) make this, then press it all together.
PIC 16) another angle.
PIC 17) add like so.
PIC 18) add a few more pieces (the gun mirrors, besides pins for keeping the gun 5 pieces wide).
PIC 19) firing pin, and pin guide.
PIC 20) a closer look.
PIC 21) it's tipped so it won't catch on the ammunition on the way back.
PIC 22) insert it here like so, and add the white rod to keep it all from falling out
PIC 23) add on connectors for strength.
PIC 24) make these 2 panels.
PIC 25) attach like so.
PIC 26) make this.
PIC 27) another angle.
PIC 28) sorry, i forgot i attached it to the gun here already, it should attach to the back of the trigger area.
PIC 29) close up.
PIC 30) make your trigger. (look at photo for a description on another way to make the trigger, WITHOUT the broken connector)
PIC 31) add in your trigger laccy like so (tape if desired).
PIC 32) like this. : 3
PIC 33) trigger goes in like so.

Step 4: Handle and a Few More Bits and Bobs

PIC 1) this is the handle you'll be making, its the same layers all the way through, bar the green connectors on the front of it.
PIC 2) between the green connectors is a white rod attached to nothing, it's to make room for the trigger squeeze.
PIC 3) the top.
PIC 4) the bottom of the handle, and if you look closely you'll see that the flex-y white length rods are touching the green connector, that's supposed to happen, don't fret.
PIC 5) tape it up for solidity and strength.
PIC 6) attach the handle like so, and yes, the tan connectors just sit in the holes, the orange connector there helps them stay in place.
PIC 7) close up of the connection.
PIC 8) magazine-latch.
PIC 9) another angle.
PIC 10) magazine-latch trigger (it needs some string... hmmmmmm).
PIC 11) another angle.
PIC 12) attach it in like so.
PIC 13) and attach the latch just beyond he latch trigger.
PIC 14) you'll need to make 2 of these.
PIC 15) a look under the tape.
PIC 16) you have them both, then add the blue rod at the bottom like so.
PIC 17) attach them to the mag well end like so.
PIC 18) attach the 2 components like so, then attach the "chain" guide and "chain" like so in the bottom of the pic, and you're almost done!!

Step 5: Finishing Up!!! : D


try to use thin string or twine, so that the latch mech doesn't look too bulky when you're finished.

PIC 1)the latch mech, first of all, you'll need to start from the end of the latch closest to the barrel of the gun, well the yellow connectors on the latch anyhow, then, go under the first yellow rod you started near, over the second rod and LOOP IT, then over the blue rod and loop that too. 
PIC 2) another angle, with bad placement of the twine/string.
PIC 3) i forgot to tell you to clip in an elastic band between the latch trigger rods and the connectors, you'll need it later.
PIC 4)tLISTEN CAREFULLY TO ME HERE!! on the gun you'll have your latch trigger on, with a gap in between it. thread both ends of your string through the hole with plenty of leigh-way for the knotting, then, after you've threaded the twine/string, loop it around and around the top connector. THEN go around the tops of the white rod and back through the hole (if you can). then back up and pulled tight around the white rod tips and knotted.
PIC 5) SALVAGE THE ROD ENDS!!! cut a rod end with enough room for one connector to clip on to it.
PIC 6) add some double sided tape, or just fold over some (preferably) masking tape and place it so the folded edge juust covers the edge of the gear hole.
PIC 7) squeeze the rod end in and literally JAM it in if you have to, trust me, it'll stay.
PIC 8) the blue flake connector port centered in the photo is where you'll be attaching the gear thing-o.
PIC 9) twist and shake the rod end and gear into place, don't worry if they don't look the same as the other side, it's not gonna be notice-able.
PIC 10) finally in place.
PIC 11) wrap a laccy around the handle top and the body of the gun to hold it in place.
PIC 12) opposite side.
PIC 13) trigger band should be attached like so (sorry if i didn't have it in the 'ible previously.
PIC 14) firing pin blocking thing lacy. : |
PIC 15) mirrored side.
PIC 16) laccy the latch.
PIC 17) extended band so the latch will "spring" open.
PIC 18) trigger laccy
PIC 19) mirrored side.
PIC 20) firing pin bands (i used 4).
PIC 21) from the firing pin...
PIC 22) to juuuust past the mag well.

Step 6: Magazine

this magazine is capable of adapting an internal mag pusher, i'm absolutely terrible with them, so i didn't use one on the gun, PLUS, the internal pusher would definitely make it look a lot cleaner.

PIC 1) the top of the mag pusher.
PIC 2) the bottom of the mag pusher, and the spacers used as a stopper so the firing pin doesn't break it.
PIC 3) make two of these.
PIC 4) there's only ONE 'Y' clip on the whole magazine.
PIC 5) take a couple of cut white rods and a couple of normal white rods. : 3
PIC 6) add them like so.
PIC 7) another angle.
PIC 8) make some internal walling for the magazine.
PIC 9) add them like so.
PIC 10) another angle.
PIC 11) add on the other side of the magazine.
PIC 12)  tape it up so it doesn't fall apart.
PIC 13) another angle.
PIC 14) okay, LAYER this end with some heavy duty tape, for a few reasons, the main one is the single connector kept popping out on me because it wasn't held down properly or with enough force, the second reason is it definitely helps with structural integrity, and lastly, you won't get too mad when it does come out. : 3


well, there you have it, a long awaited friend now listed in my 'ibles... what to do next? i'm not sure, but i think it'll be epic anyway. ^_^

well i hope you enjoyed the build, as always have fun, criticize and i hope you can improve on my design one day. ^_^

ben_the_builder, over and out.

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