Introduction: Geometry Dash Rainbow Loom Bracelet

About: Hi. My name is Madison. I love to loom (see my name) and do crafts. Eventually I will do some sewing crafts, too.

Hi everyone! Welcome to another tutorial. Today I will be showing you how to make a Geometry Dash bracelet. I did not create this bracelet myself, you can go to and find it there. Now onto the tutorial!


A hook,
A Rainbow loom,
A c-clip
And any colored bands of your choice

Step 1: Placing the Bands

This is a very simple bracelet to make. I really like the design. So start by placing vertical bands down the center pegs. Then place bands on top of the bands you just placed in a cross looking form. Then, place a cap band at the very top.

Step 2: Looming the Bands

This is my favorite step! Start by pulling up and over the bottom band under the cap band. Then, take your color of your bands that you placed on top, and pull it into the center pin. Do to the other side and repeat down the loom.

Step 3: Making a Extension!

This will be the final part of the bracelet. Take a band and pull it under all the bands on the top band and pull it back onto your hook. Then take the bracelet of the loom and make a extension. Attach a c-clip to both sides and then your done!

Step 4: Finished Product!

Step 5: Enjoy!

I hope you like this bracelet! Please comment and share your creation with me. I will be posting again very soon!