Introduction: Starburst Bracelet

About: Hi. My name is Madison. I love to loom (see my name) and do crafts. Eventually I will do some sewing crafts, too.

Hello and welcome to another tutorial! Today, I will be showing you how to make a starburst bracelet. This bracelet is advanced, so I do not recommend it to a beginner. If you are a beginner, please check out my Geometry Dash bracelet. Now onto the tutorial!


You will need
-a loom or rainbow loom
- a rainbow loom hook or crochet hook
- c-clip or s-clip
- any colored bands of your choice

Step 1: Placing the Bands

Place your rainbow loom or loom in a staggered position. Then, place all of the border colors like this. Now, we are going to place the starbursts. Start by placing a band diagonally. Follow the pictures closely now.

Step 2: Placing the Starbursts (2)

Place the bands as you did before. I am making this step so you don’t place the bands incorrectly. Keep repeating this pattern until the end of the bracelet.

Step 3: Adding Cap Bands

Now, you are going to add cap bands onto the starbursts. You don’t want this bracelet to fall apart, so pay close attention.

Step 4: Looping the Starbursts

Now we are going to loop the starbursts. This part is a little tricky, so bear with me (get it?..... no? ok 🙁) FOLLOW THE PICTURES CLOSELY YOU WILL MESS THE BRACELET UP IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE STEPS CORRECTLY. (Sorry for yelling by the way:(

Step 5: Reacting the Looming Process

Repeat the looming process of the starbursts on all of them. I will see you when looming the border bands! Here is what it looks like when you finish looming all of the starbursts.

Step 6: Looming the Border Color

Now we are going to loom the border colors. This is the easiest part. Make sure you loom it as if it was a single chain bracelet.

Step 7: Making an Extension

Now, we are going to make a extension. Start by going to the last band you loomed at the top, and pull a band through on both sides. Now, pull your bracelet off the loom carefully. Finally, make a single chain extension and attach a c-clip or a-clip to both ends, then you are done!!!

Step 8: Finished Product!

This is what it should like when you finish! I hope you enjoyed this bracelet! Make to follow, share, and comment! Have the mostly lovely of days! 😊❤️🐬