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Once again, Lil Smokie here! This time I am here to tell you a HUGE secret. I got tickets from San Francisco CA to Lima, Peru round trip for only $450. There are many cheap flight websites out there. But if you only look to buy the day you have the money to purchase the tickets. You are in for an unfortunate surprise. Follow these super simple instructions and you will get the cheapest possible flights ALWAYS!!

Step 1: Go to and Sign Up

If you haven't already checked out Tripadvisor, I strongly recommend the site. Not only is it where I get all my cheapest flights but I think they have a rather smart following of people and the reviews are usually dead on. I think it is better than yelp, personally.

Anywho, go to the site: TripAdvisor

Sign up for an account. I think it is easiest to use social media to sign up but whatever your preference is works fine.

Once you sign in they will ask you if you want to join any of they email services. Select AirfareDogwatch, it is the first choice on the list.

Step 2: Add ALL Flight Alerts Desired.

Go to your little name at the top of the page, a drop down menu will appear.

Click Subscriptions

The first option on the subscriptions page is Tripwatch, not the same as AirWatch.

You need to ADD AirWatch NOT TripWatch.

Oaky so this is the fun part. I just imagined all the places I would love to visit, either I have friends there or just been wanting to see the sights.

Select the city from where you want to depart, and the place you wish to go.

Really it is best to set the alerts about 6 months to a year before you are planning on leaving for the trip. That way you have plenty of time to get the cheapest price and the dates you want.

Also I just put out random places just incase a really cheap flight comes up and I have the time and money to go.

One time I got an email for $350 round trip to Dublin!!!

and $600 to Sweden! !!

Step 3: Check the Emails for Cheap Flights

So this part is where most people get turned off by the idea.

When I got my $450 roundtrip to Lima I was actually planning a trip a Peru and the Flights all averaged around $800 round trip. So I set the Flight Alert. I got alerts for 6 months once a month saying prices were $720 instead of $800. I knew I wasn't going to be able to go to Peru until December 2013 but I put the alert out in Jan 2013 anyway. It was all worth it too in my opinion. Finally in Aug 2013 I began getting emails saying the tickets were down to $650. Then the next week I got one for $550. I almost swooped it up but I held out. Finally the very next week I got the email for $450 round drip on Delta Airlines! I couldn't of been happier at the moment. I Purchased for the exact dates I was planning on going anyway.

You will receive regular emails from trip advisor, however they only send them when tickets actually go down in price and as you can see in the picture it will send up to 5 months in advance if the prices are lower than normal.

I think this is totally worth the once a week emails. I haven't even used this service in over a year but I am still happy to get the emails. Because if prices are right I will buy a ticket to anywhere at anytime!

Thanks for reading!!

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