Introduction: Glass Ouija Board

I have never really liked the cheap cardboard ouija boards that you can buy in stores, and any of the glass or wood ones online are pretty expensive so i thought i would go ahead and make one out of glass by etching it... This is an extremely simple project and does not take long

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project you ill need a small sheet of glass...I took apart a scanner for parts and figured the plate of glass for copying would work perfect, i sized it up to a cardboard ouija board and it was just a tad smaller.
You will also need:

Glass Etch Cream
Small Brush
Painters Tape

Step 2: Create Your Stencil

For my stencil i just used my old cardboard ouija board and used green masking tape.

First mark out your piece of glass for placement of your letters with green tape or erasable marker (white board marker)

Put the tape over the letter you are doing and with your knife lightly follow the outline of the letter. Take the edge of the knife and take the letter out of the piece of tape. Next peel up the tape and place it on the piece of glass, press it down hard.

Continue doing the letters until you have a whole line, or do all the stenciling at first.

Step 3: Etching the Glass

Now that you have all your tape stencils on the glass, tape a border around the stencil so that you have room in case you drip any of the glass etching cream.

Press down again on all your tape stencils, and clean the glass with a towel in your letter spaces.

Now just apply the etching cream. Im not to sure if all etching cream is different so ill tell you how mine was:
Apply enough cream so that you cannot see the shape of your letter in the stencil, Cream up all your letters and then let sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes from the last letter you did, rinse off the glass with luke warm water, pad dry and peel off all the tape.
After peeling the tape, rinse your glass again.

Step 4: FINISH

And now you are done....Eventually in the future i plan to build a wooden frame and place the glass on top of it and then put black felt in the box with LEDS at the edges of the glass to light up the letters.

Have fun!

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