Introduction: Glittery Button Jewelry

Now a days our country is going fashionable year by year. All teenages, college girls are enjoy to wear different types of jewellery. Very few are interested to wear gold jewellery. Others are more intrested in fashion jewels for matching dresses. Button necklace has a lovely hodgepodge appearance that appeals to many. If you're one such person, a button necklace might be just the thing to complete your ensemble! With a little bit of effort, you can turn some buttons into a beautiful glitter button necklace. In turn, these necklaces can be used as accessories, presents etc.

Step 1: Materials Required

Buttons - 5 big size, 6 small size
Glitters - silver & Golden
Fabric Glue
Golden Rope
Golden ring(for connecting the rope)

Step 2: Paste Glitter in Buttons:

For necklace we need 6 small size buttons and 5 large size buttons. First take one small size button and apply fabric glue in all sides of the button. Then apply golden glitter in all sides of the small button. Like that do it for the remaining buttons. Leave it to dry. Like this apply silver glitter for all big buttons.

Step 3: String the Buttons:

First take the string and connect one golden ring. Then add one small button and one big button like this add all buttons into the string.

After adding all the glit buttons attach all buttons with fabric glue for not moving.

Last connect one golden ring to finish.

Step 4: Button Necklace

Finally attach the golden rope with golden ring to join. The beautiful necklace is ready to wear.

Step 5: Making Glitter Stud:

Like this I make a matching stud for this necklace.

Take 2 plain stud. Apply silver glitter using fabric glue. Here I paste 2 line golden glitter for design.

Now stud is ready to wear with matching necklace.

Step 6: Ready to Shine

Add a little sparkle to your life and wear your new Glitterific Necklace to any outfit of your choice!! This is perfect for teenagers.

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