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Glue+Eiffel=GluEiffel !!!

The most recognizable structure in the world is Eiffel tower in Paris. 130 years now people admire it. Why? Due to its symmetry (from Greek συμμετρία symmetria "agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement").

due to its symmetry it is much easy to desing it or make something that will decorate your room.

3d printing is nice but this contest is about glue so...


Step 1:

first you need to print Eiffel tower on a piece of paper ( the smaller, the less details needed)

Step 2:

put a glass frame above the paper and ...

Start pouring the glue

Step 3:

Wait a few minutes and then remover the glue from the glass. it will look like this ... (or much better!!!)

Step 4:

Et voila the GluEiffel!

you can also put Led lights at the four conrners programmed with arduino. the light will be difused through the glue

Step 5:

After making four Eiffel towers glue them together starting from their tops. continue glueing the mid eedges and finally their bottom corners.

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