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Introduction: Glue Bookmark

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Glue book mark are really easy to make and really cool as a bookmark

Step 1: Supplies

First you are gonna need washable markers, washable glue and an empty cd case

Step 2: Color

Color with the markers on inside of the cd case

Step 3: Glue

Take the glue and pour it over the color in any design you want

Step 4: Wait

Wait 1-3 days for it to dry

Step 5:

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    7 years ago

    If you use a top of a crayon box or something with the pattern you want then you color in that area with washable markers and pour the glue on and the marker will bleed into the glue to make the color:)

    Cute idea! Love all the colors you used :) How did you make that top one that is pink, purple and blue?