Introduction: Golden Cut Wooden and Stainless Steal

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You´ll need a Metal Lathe!
If you have a metal lathe you propaply have a piece of Stainless tube around and don't need my silly ass to explain how to turn the blank... maybe you would need some tipps for the wood part. There are many tutorials of how to do that but maybe I'll add something helpful. My opinion on the other rings is... the just turned rings are either too thick or to fragile, the bendwood rings are cool but you can't use every wood I like the Stainless on the inside most.

I call it a Golden cut Ring because the proportions are that.

Step 1: Turn a Stainless Ring Blank

With the proportions from the golden
cut... A example here … I don´t change the wall thickness with the inner diameter. Its a little delicate but you can thicken up everything if you want obviously. Pretty standard operations if you can do a little Lathe turning since there are no critical dimensions.... After that a little deburring maybe?!

Step 2: Turning Two Wood Pieces

You can use the blank as a pattern if it fits good thats why I do it that way around and its harder to do that the other way around. Just the inner diameter is important leave a few mm extra on the other dimensions. I make the throut a little tapert so I feel when it starts to fit and I don't go from not fitting to loose... I use the smallest pieces so I glue them to a wasteblock ...

Step 3: Glueing

I use CA glue and I heat the blank so
there is no fat or oil on it and let it cool gently.

Dan Gelbert is the best! In this video he describes the 3 methodes of glueing/ coating something perfectly... I think in this case heating is the best/simplest for me. Video of his video obove

Step 4: Finishing

I use a mendral but you can cut the
extra stuf off in any other way. Jaming it on a wooden manddrel is pretty easy, just creep on to the rigth size an make it tapert. Pro tip, make one side to press the ring agains so it won't woble.

Just shape the thing and then but a durable finish on it. I use just some layers of CA. Its important not to put any on the metal parts, just on the wood! Then I do some polishing.

Step 5: The End

If someone accually does that or is
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