Introduction: Grow Salad in a Pallet

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Hello everybody! In this instructables I will show you how to grow salad in a pallet.

Why grow salads in a pallet? It's good to save space, or on a balcony, to have green garden walls or even to avoid harming the ground if you are renting.

This instructable is very simple to reproduce, you probably have all the tools in your garage, you only have to find a palette!

here we go!

Step 1: Components and Tools Needed


- mallet

- burin

- hammer

- pincers

- stapler

- knife


- wooden pallet

- biodegradable bags or a tarpaulin

- spikes

- clip

Step 2: Disassembling the Pallet

To begin, we will disassemble the pallet.
It is necessary to disassemble 1 wood board on 2 starting from the bottom.

- Push the burin with the mallet between the boards and leverage.

- If spikes protrude, push in or pull out it.

- Cut or tear off the tips in the removed wood boards.

Step 3: Make Structure

Now we will set the planks of wood removed at the step prescedente at the back of the pallet.

- Place the boards in front of the front boards

- Fix them with spikes.

You now have bins ... bottomless.

Step 4: Inside the Bins

In this step, we will finish the bins.

- To begin with, you have to cut 6 squares of plastic sheeting, or reusable shopping bag.

- Then place 1 square in each bins, and cover the inner walls with.

- Fix them with staples.

- Cut out the pieces that protrude.

- Drill the bottom of each bins.

Step 5: Planting Salads!

Your palette is finished, now it remains to plant your salads!

Fill your bins with earth

Watering to moisten the earth.

Make holes the size of your plants.

Planting and tamping lightly.

Watering your salads.

Step 6: Silence It Grows!

Now your palette of salad is finished, there is to wait and watering regularly.

All Steps and Demonstration in Video!

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