Introduction: Gryffindor Bookmarks

Show your house spirit with these gryffindor bookmarks!

Step 1: What Will You Need

- a sheet of paper(any size or color)
- a black fine tip pen
- fine tip sharpies
- scissors
- a pencil with an eraser
- a ruler

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Using your ruler measure. 7 1/2 inches up the paper and cut it there this is how tall it will be, then at the bottom of the page measure 1 1/2 inches and cut this is how wide the bookmark will be.

Step 3: Drawing Part 1

First write gryffindor on the side of the bookmark in pencil. Then use a gryffindor quote and write that at the bottom

Step 4: Drawing Part 2

First draw the outline of the crest, next outline the inside of the crest, then write gryffindor inside the little box, next divide it into four sections and do a checkered pattern.

Step 5: Drawing Part 3

First erase a little bit of the inside then draw the lion

Step 6: Outlining

Outline all the crest in a fine tip black pen

Step 7: Erasing

Erase any excess lines inside the crest

Step 8: Outlining (again)

In a red fine tip sharpie outline the quote and gryffindor and erase any excess lines

Step 9: Add Any

Add any extra details you would like I added lines under gryffindor