Introduction: Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes

This is how to make 3 adorable costumes for your Guinea pig (also works for hamsters or rabbits!)


You will need...
3 bottle caps
Thin green ribbon
Yellow, black, green, and orange felt
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Markers *optional*

Step 1: Pineapple Costume Layout

First cut out the body piece out of the yellow felt. It will be a diffrent size than mine depending on how big or small your Guinea pig is.

Next cut out about 15 leaf like strips that are any where from 1 inch to 2 inch tall out of green felt.

Step 2: Finishing the Pineapple Costume

After cutting your pieces out, ise hot glue to attach your leaves to the side of the bottle cap. Next measure how big your Guinea pigs neck is and then cut a chin strap out of the green ribbon and glue it to the inside of the bottle cap.

*optional *
Draw little triangles on to the pineapple body suit to give it a more pinaplley texture (i used a brown sharpie for this)

Now you have finished the pineapple costume!!!

Step 3: Creating the Pumpkin Costume

First you will need to cut out a body piece in orange similar to the pineapple costume. Next cut out a circle in orange felt a bit bigger than your bottle cap and a small rectangle out of brown felt.

Step 4: Creating the Pumpkin Hat

Finally get your bottle cap and hot glue the orange felt circle to the top of it and roll up your brown rectangle and hot glue it to the top of the circle. Put the chinstrap on the bottle cap the same way you did on the pineapple costume.

You have made a pumpkin costume for your pet!!

Step 5: Making the Witch Costume

First using the black felt cut out a cape in black felt and two circles out of black felt. (Make one circle smaller than the other.

Step 6: Making the Witch Hat

Glue the biggest circle to the top of the bottle cap and then roll the smaller circle into a cone secure the cone with hot glue to the top of the black circle. Fasten the chinstrap same as you did on the other two hats.

*optional *
Using silver markers draw patterns on to the cape

You have finished the witch costume!!!

Step 7: You're Done!

Put the costumes on your Guinea pig(s)! Be careful when putting it on your pig they might not want to wear it so dont pressure them to. Hopefully they will think that it is cute as you do! If you have any questions dont hesitate to leave a comment.