Introduction: Making a Flower Card

This card is a hand drawn flowers with a pop of color on it, great for any occasion.

Step 1: What Will I Need?

- a piece of white paper (any size will work)
- a piece of colored paper that is a bit bigger than the white paper.
- a black fine tip pen
- colored fine tip pens
- a ruler
- a glue stick or any glue will work
- a pencil

Step 2: Drawing the Stem

To draw the stem use the black pen and don't make it just a stick give it some curves.

Step 3: Drawing the Flower

Use the black pen to draw the petals (the pictures are most helpful because it is hard to explain) so keep drawing them until you find the petals to your liking. After doing a few of the petals that are in the first picture draw tiny triangular waves in between each petal as seen in the second photo.

Step 4: Drawing the Leaves

Use the same technique as you used to draw the petals use the black pen also and draw two leaves on each side, after drawing the shape of them draw a curve in the middle then connect lines to it.

Step 5: Draw the Ground

Use the black pen and make lines back and fourth under the stem. This step is pretty simple.

Step 6: A Pop of Color to the Leaves

Use a green fine tip pen and outline some of the lines in the petal

Step 7: Adding a Pop of Color to the Petals

Using a fine tip colored pen loosely color around in it to give a vintage illustration look or outline the edges in your pen

Step 8: Writing a Message

At the top of the white paper write a message such as happy birthday, feel better soon , ect. First write in pencil then go over in black pen.

Step 9: Glueing the Paper

Use the ruler to help center the piece of white paper on the colored sheet then use the glue to glue them together. ( i ended up changing the color of the paper to this green instead of the one in the supply photo )

Step 10: You're Done!! Enjoy the Card!