Introduction: HAND Soap

Have you ever wanted a hand in cleaning your hands well now you can make your own hand soap in the shape of a hand. It is a fun project for friends and family or you could make it by your self and use it as a decoration or just soap! ( you can use any size glove


You will need a glove, soap bars, freezer, clip, sharp scissors or box cutter, cheese grater, food coloring, and a place to put it.

Step 1: Grating the Soap

Grate the soap into the bowl until it is super small and make sure that you do not compact it together.

Step 2: Melting the Soap

Get all the grated soap That was in the bowl and put it into the a double boiler, stir and add some water until it is liquid and pour in a glove.tie a not on the top and get a clip and clip the top of the glove to the freezer and let it sit for 25 min. ( a doable boiler is a pot on top of another that has water on the bottom and this one has a little bit of water on the top.

Step 3: Getting the Soap Out of the Glove

Get scissors and cut some strips and then tear it off. Be careful when you tear it off the fingers.

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