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I was looking for a really awesome way to braid hair, and I made a braided heart. I made it on a doll, but you can also do it on actual hair. It comes out amazing, and you should try it too.

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Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need to make this awesome braid:
- Hair ( doll or human)
- Hair Brush
- 3 Pony Tails

Step 2: Starting

Create an even part down the whole head.
After, make a ponytail with the half of hair you don't want to start with.

Step 3: Half #1

Take a piece of hair from the crown of the head. Make sure that when you pull on the hair it will form a right angle with the part.

Take the piece of hair and then separate it into 3 parts. Braid the hair 4 times starting with the right piece, so the next third of hair you're supposed to braid is also on the right.

Like a French braid, take hair from the hair beyond the hairline, and add it to the right strand, and then braid that strand.

Braid the left side like a regular braid.

Continue the last two paragraphs 3 more times, and then braid the hair regularly. When there's no more hair left to braid, put in a ponytail.

Step 4: Half #2

Take out the ponytail, and then repeat the same instructions that you followed with the first half with the second half.

Step 5: Finishing

Take the two braids and combine them with a ponytail.

Viola! You just finished your hair-braided heart!
If you want the braid to be shaped more like a heart, you can use bobby- pins to hold it in place.

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