Introduction: Hair Clips for Cool Kids

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Well, this long hair child wants other hair clips than the ordinary glittery princess things so I made these out of felt, super easy and so much fun!

If your child is a little older this is a perfect diy for the kid. Who would not like accessories that they made by them selves?!

Step 1: Materials



Patterns for figures, created in next step

Textile glue

Hair clips

Step 2: Create Patterns

I sketched figures and I also googled pictures of things my kid loves and then transfered it onto paper and made adjustments to make them more applicable for this task.

Step 3: Cut the Pieces

Cut out the fabric parts. Make a back piece- that is kind of the same size as the front, this is for securing the hair clip. Glue the parts on the front together with textile glue.

Step 4: Add Textile Touch Up

Some parts is a little to thin for the felt so these parts I painted with a textile pen. For mr Yoda I made a shadowy effect on the ears.

Step 5: Attach Hair Pin

Shown in pictures for r2d2 and the apple. Cut a hole in the back piece and put the clip through as shown in the pictures. Then glue the back piece and hair pin to the front. Press together and let it dry.

Step 6: Finish

For all eyes I made white marks with a white textile color to make the eyes sparkle.

Then we are all done!

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