Introduction: Hair Pearl Accessories DIY

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I think there's something very chic about pearls that drive me crazy. I wanted a pearl hair accessory but the ones sold at accessories stores are very low quality, they are made with plastic beads and look terrible. So I made some combs and a headband and I love how they look with my dark hair. Want to see how I made them?

Step 1: Materials

Two sizes of pearls. Choose high quality pearls, not made with plastic.

Comb or headband

Thin flexible jewelry wire


Step 2: Beginning

Cut a long piece of wire (like 15 inches long). Pass one end between the first and second teeth of the comb.

Twist the end with the other part of wire as shown in the last picture.I did this with my fingers but if you find it easier you can use jewelry pliers.

Step 3: Pearls!

Introduce one pearl in the other end of wire. Hold it in the beginning of the comb with one hand while you pull the end tight and give it a turn behind the comb. Keep putting more pearls one by one placing them in different places and mixing the two sizes. Every time you put one pearl you have tu make a turn with your wire to hold the pearl in place.

Step 4: Running Out of Wire

As you'll be using a lot of wire for all those turns you might run out of wire. If this happens just cut another piece of wire and twist the end with the end in the wire in the comb. Cut the ends and keep going.

Step 5: Finish

After placing the last pearl and making a turn with your wire give it 5 turns around the last pearl you put. This way you'll make sure it doesn't untangle. Cut the remaining wire with your scissors or cutting pliers.

Step 6: Headband

When working with a headband do the same as we did with the comb: One turn for each pearl you put, mixing pearl sizes, finishing with 5 turns around the last pearl and cutting the remaining wire. It's easier to work with a hairband with little teeth underneath as the wire can stay in place with these.

Your accessories are now ready! Wear them with your favorite hairstyle!

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