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The Dollar Store (or whatever version of a "Dollar Store" you have near by) has so many inexpensive products that you can transform into craft projects just with a little imagination that I can get lost with ideas wandering the isles.

One of the products I couldn't stop looking at was the little boxes that they sell in all different sizes. I knew I could make something out of one but I wasn't sure what. I picked up a bunch of random supplies and let my craftiness take over.

My Apothecary box came out of this fun little project.

Step 1:

The supplies

a wooden box with attached lid, a bag of Halloween kids party rings, a bag of thin wood dowels, miscellaneous things I found in my craft junk drawer (jewel stickers, plastic diamond, marble) etc..., acrylic paint and of course my ever handy Glue Gun!!!

Step 2:

I glue gunned the plastic decorations, sticker jewels, added thin dowel sticks along the edges, and the spider on the top was with the diamond, a marble, two hair ties and a few sticks I grabbed from the yard.

This was all to add a 3D effect and texture.

Step 3:

I then added paper towels to add texture by doing a paper-mache type of layer with watered down glue (glitter glue was all I had). Whatever works!! LOL!!

Step 4:

All paper toweled up and now I just have to wait a few days to dry

Step 5:

I decided to paint the base coat a copper metallic. I had images in my head of the old antique boxes and trunks in my head so I thought this paint base coat would work.

Step 6:

I added the black wash to age and darken the copper color. Don't forget to paint the inside. I painted it with just flat black and I may add a velvet liner later.

Step 7:

And here it is all dry and ready to go.

Step 8:

Now to find a good place for it among all of my Halloween decorations.

Step 9:

It works great on my Apothecary/Potions table. I added a skeleton hand reaching out. I also put a tea light inside though I think a mini battery powered red string light may add a little something extra for fun.

Now on to the next project!!!! LOL!!

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