Introduction: Halloween Magnet Flying Chandelier Bats

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Ballards Designs had their own version of hanging ghosts (3 for $42). No thanks!!! So I thought I would try to make my own. But I liked the idea of bats better.

Step 1:

I hit my favorite store for making my crafts - The Dollar Store and picked up my supplies.

A little bag of small rubber bats, A pack of round magnets, fishing wire, my glue gun and some random glitter nail polish.

Step 2:

I first tied the fishing wire around the head and knotted. I added a bit of glue to secure it in place. Then I took the fishing wire and tied it around the magnet, also adding a bit go glue from my handy glue gun.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Just to make it look a bit prettier, I touched on a bit of glitter polish to cover up the glue and wire on the magnet.

Step 5:

Now find a spot to hang them from. I have a vintage light fixture in my entry that worked great!

Step 6:

A little up shot to see how they hung on the metal base.

Step 7:

And now I have a bat chandelier. $3 makes a bit more sense then $42. Now I can put that extra money towards making more crafts!!!

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