Introduction: Halloween Monster Plant Prop

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Introducing the new member to our Halloween family! I have wanted to make a version of Audrey 2 (from "Little shop of Horrors") for a long time, so here is my 'distant' relative to her.

Step 1:

Dollar store goodies that I collected to make my Audrey 2 or as my boys say my Piranha plant from Mario Bros.

Step 2:

Split foam ball for head and cover with painters tape. Use cut of pieces to make tongue.

Step 3:

Molding clay to add texture and the shape of the lips.

Step 4:

Start the painting fun.

Step 5:

Lots of layers

Step 6:

Pumpkin teeth but they were to narrow and needle like so I added girth and texture with my hot glue gun.

Step 7:

Letting the paint dry on the teeth and time to paint the inside of the mouth.

Step 8:

Aging the teeth with yellow and black wash.

Step 9:

Base made from spare piece of wood I had at home.

Step 10:

Time to add the teeth with extra glue for support.

Step 11:


Step 12:

Rocks at the bottom to add weight for stability. Extra piece on left is to attach the head.

Step 13:

Stapled the tongue on the extended piece and drilled holes through the wood to attach the face with wire.

Step 14:

All wired on and drilled the wood pice to the base. The top was too low so I added a cork to give space.

Step 15:

Filled in the base with flower foam and added moss. I added all the leaves I had and stole a bunch of random leaves from other fake plants around the house.

Step 16:

Lots of leaves and floral wire for the curly cues.

Step 17:

Cheese!! A happy monster plant!!!