Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin Scarecrow

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Time to make a scarecrow for Halloween!! I thought I would make it a bit less scary with a pumpkin face. Keeping it kid friendly.

Step 1:

I found a bunch of long branches and placed them in the design I wanted. The husband reminded me that I needed to pre drill holes where I planned to screw the pieces together (so the wood doesn't split). For the smaller pieces I use metal wire and wrapped them together.

Step 2:

All sturdy and ready to decorate.

Step 3:

I had a old brown piece of cloth that I used at the backdrop, and added some black creepy cloth that I had left over from another project so I added that.

Step 4:

Some dead vines with leaves and another full piece of green creepy cloth. Time to add the pumpkin head.

Step 5:

I poked a hole through the styrofoam of the pumpkin and used wire to attach the head to the top.

Step 6:

I reinforced the base with a cider block that I had lying around. Now my Pumpkin Scarecrow is up and ready for Halloween.

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