Introduction: Halloween Skelefish

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Hey y'all! I have a Halloween DIY for you to enjoy. I came up with this idea last fall. Let's get started!

And kids, if you want to do this project, please ask an adult or older sibling to help you. It involves sharp objects. Thanks! =)

Edited January 2018 to include a scan of the template.

Step 1: Grab Your Materials

For this DIY, you'll need the following items:

-T-shirts (orange, purple, green, grey, black)

-Fabric paint (white, green, neon, black, silver)


-Needle and thread

-Fish Template

-Glitter (silver, black, purple, green, white/iridescent, orange)

-Disappearing pen

-Gel pen



-Fishing line or thread

-Sharpie pen

-Mod Podge

-Paint brush

-Clear tape

Step 2: Trace Me

Grab your material, scissors, pen, and template. Cut a piece big enough for the template to fit on and trace around it.

Step 3: Sew Fishy!

Whoops! I can't control these bad puns. Haha.

Grab some pins and pin the fish together, then sew all around the tracing line. Don't forget to leave the opening so you can turn him right side out later. ;)

Step 4: Turn the Fish Around...

Turn your little friend right side out and stuff him.

Step 5: Sew Fish!

After you've stuffed your little friend, sew all around the outside, closing up the stuffing hole as you go.

Step 6: Stop! It's Skeleton Time.

Grab your pen and draw the skeleton on one side of the fish.

Step 7: Paint Dem Bones!

Now grab your paint and go over the skeleton. If you want bling, go ahead and shake glitter on while the paint's still wet. Don't forget to put a piece of paper underneath to catch the excess glitter. When that's dry, repeat that on the other side and let dry. Then grab your Mod Podge and a paint brush and go over the dried glitter. This seals it in so your fish friends don't leave trails of sparkles wherever they go. ;)

Step 8: Hang Dem Bones

Finally, grab your needle and some thread or fishing line and attach it to your fish in varying lengths so they're staggered. You can make them all the same length if you like, but I just think it looks cooler when they're staggered. Hang them wherever you want some spooky Halloween decor and enjoy! Have a safe Halloween, everyone. :) I posted this early in hopes people would have enough time to make them.

If you recreate this DIY, I'd love to see it! Hit me up on Twitter @The_CraftyChica. Thank you for checking this DIY out. :)

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