Introduction: Hamster "Silent Mode"

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Hello Again

Do you remeber my HACS system for my little fellow ? If not, take a look at:


Our Sweetie just moved to a bigger house. Let`s say Hamster`s Mansion ;) She lives now like a queen of all hamsters.

If you will take a close look at previous instructable , you will see a white-blue hamster`s wheel.

It is specially bought to be silent during night. It is wheel with bearings.

In new Sweetie`s home there are more wheels - standard without bearings of course which are usually VERY noisy... Yep. I couldn`t sleep so i decided to do something with that.

Do you have 5-15 minutes ? And an old hard drive ? And a glue hot gun or any glue maybe ....and a drill ...and maybe screwdriver .... Yes that`s all what you need to sleep in silence, even when your hamster is in the middle of night on 40km marathon ;)

Step 1: Go to Trash Bin

...and find old harddrive. Take a screwdriver and pull all guts outside.

You have to search for an electric motor.

Step 2: Drill and Cut

Now drill 3 or more holes in hamster`s wheel according to holes in harddrive`s motor.

Step 3: Connect Together

Connect it together with screws.

Step 4: Old to New Mounting

Remove old plastic "axle" from mounting.

I scratched it, with scalpel to to make a better "adhesive" surface for glue.

Step 5: Glue It Together

Now just glue the mounting to back of the motor.

Step 6: Ready to Run

Now your SILENT wheel is ready. Mount it as usually in Hamster`s home.

Step 7: Waiting for Play

Yep...She is always waiting to play with us every evening. Now she is just curious what has been made at her home.

So now she is going to run another marathon. And i`m going to my bed to sleep ALL night long ... in silence.

Run Forest ....ekhmmmm Sweetie RUN !