Introduction: Hanging Picture Frame From Cardboards

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Hi guys! ☆*✲୧( ○ ╹ 〰 ╹ ○ )୨✲*☆

I came up with this project firstly, because of boredom due to the ongoing ECQ at our place and lastly, because of this certain picture that I have been hiding in a box for months (coz I keep on forgetting to buy a picture frame)... Anyways, I wanted to share this to you guys just in case you're stuck in the same situation that I was in.

Thanks for viewing. Keep safe everyone!


Scissors/paper cutter
Designs(you are free to use anything fit to your liking but I'll list what I used): paper bag (crumpled), washi tape (with gold pattern), old metal flowers from hair pins, gold spray paint
Colored paper (not really necessary)
Acetate paper (got mine from an old folder) or glass if you have

Step 1: Base of the Frame+ Side of the Frame

So the beginning of this project will probably be different for everyone since we have different sizes of photos... (not just the beggining but the entire process I guess🤣)--Anyways what I did for the base or the back part of the frame is to add 1.5" to all four sides of my picture.

The picture I have is 5"x7". By adding 1.5" to each side, the length of the actual frame I will be making is 8"x10".

Before attaching the frame's front, I put a 0.75"x8" and 0.75"x10" of cardboard pieces to keep a space in between (for the picture). I flattened out these cardboard pieces before putting them though... to make sure the space inside isn't too wide for a photo.

Step 2: Front Sides

1. Cut 2 pieces of 1.5"x8" and 2 pieces of 1.5"x10" as well. Arrange them in a frame outline (sides with the same measure are parallel).

2. Put one side of the frame in front of the other and trace a line from the outer edge to the inner point where the two sides meet. After lining, cut it. Do it to the three other frame edges. I

3. Cover each side individually with paper bag. Make sure to crumble the papers first. (You can actually see the at this step if you just want a simple but cute frame for your wall.)

4. Cut out a 6"x8" piece of acetate paper. Attach it to the frame with the help of glue sticks.

Step 3: Design

This step is entirely up to you <3

*Insert steps of what I did*
1. I painted two rusty metal flowers from an old hair pin.
2. I used a gold-patterned washi tape for the 'ribbon ends' of my desired design (simple gold and white themed frame).
3. I attached the designs to the covered frame with the use of glue gun.

Step 4: Rope for Hanging

So I decided to put effort in the rope to be used😂.

1. For this step I braided (standard braid) a white yarn. The measurement I used for this is 30 inches.
2. I attached the rope at the back of the frame first with glue gun. To make sure it's more secure, I put a lot of washi tape on and around the glued area.

Step 5: Final Product

So there you have it.

Thank you ;)


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