Happy, Happy, Happy Halloween, Jack!

Introduction: Happy, Happy, Happy Halloween, Jack!

Jump in on the Duck Dynasty band wagon, Jack!  This super cheap, super easy, super fast costume will have you happy, happy, happy in no time!          You will only need a few supplies to achieve this popular look.  A bandana or camo hat, grey/brown yarn, dollar store reading glasses, black t-shirt, camo pants, green Tupperware cup, gallon jug, binding (for the beard), and hot glue.          First, I busted out the lenses of the reading glasses, then hot glued some yarn onto the glasses for bushy eyebrows.  Then I hot glued some strings of yarn tot the top of the earpiece of the glasses for that extra special touch.          Next I hot glued yarn to the binding to make the beard. (Leave long pieces of binding at each end so you can tie the beard around your face.)  I also scruffed up the yarn a bit by untwisting some pieces of yarn .  That helped make it look a little more frizzy and realistic.          Now add camo pants, a black t-shirt!   We also stuck a Tupperware cup (If you don't have one, try any thrift store, but they also sell the Duck Dynasty version in stores now) in the back pocket, and carried a jug.          Have a 'happy, happy, happy' Halloween, Jack!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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