Introduction: Harley Quinn Bracelet

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Dr. Quinzel is my favorite Gotham Girl. After an evening of Arkham Origins and catching up on my comics, I decided to keep myself busy the next afternoon and make a bracelet for my wife inspired by the Animated Series' Harley Quinn. I am still in search for a large hammer and a short nose revolver charm to replace the dice with, but for now...and for what I had in the it is :)

Step 1: Supplies and Tools


Chain - You can always make your own, on this I went with chain stock I had in the tool box

Ribbon - I managed to have both red and black, so I incorporated both

Cards - I wanted to include some sort of diamond in this so I cut up a card out of my "craft deck"

Beads and charms (and Legos, YES!)

Stamping metal (you can cut your own, I purchased a bunch a while back at Hobby Lobby)

Pins and jump rings



Hammer(s) - I used a ball ping to stamp and a 2 pounder to flatten the metal back out

Upholstery Needle

Steel Letter Stamp Set


Step 2: Threading the Ribbon Through Your Chain

**measure the persons wrist with string and make your chain that length.

Cut the ribbon about 1.5 - 2 times longer than your chain bracelet.

Thread the ribbon through the upholstery needle and tape to secure.

Tie off the end of the ribbon that (make a few knots to make sure the ribbon doesn't slide through a ring)

I chose to thread the ribbon through every two links so the chain still had "meat" to it.

Once you reach the other side of your chain bracelet, tie it off with multiple knots as close to the chain as you can.

I went from the clasp end to the loop end with red, and then opposite with the black.

After both are through, tied, and cut. I tied off each end again with black and red ribbon together to clean it up.

Step 3: Making and Spreading Out the Charms

As I only had a few red and black charms, I decided to use a playing card, red and black die, a Lego dynamite, some random other black beads, and the stamping metal.

After adding loops and jump rings to each of my charms, I arranged them around the chain to see how I'd like to attach them.

When I was pleased with the lay out, I added the jump rings to the chain.

Step 4:

Using the two different sized steel stamps, I hammered the name "MR J".

I did the J twice to make it look like she fixated on it a little.

Step 5:

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