Introduction: Harry Potter Apothocary Halloween Jars

This is a super easy project for Halloween. really fun quick results and is sure to grab a lot of attention at your gathering.

Step 1: Lets Get Started

I got this Idea from this web site. Her instructions were very clear, concise and easy to do.

The first step is to find some old jars or bottles. They can be glass or plastic. I found various sizes for my project.

I first cleaned each bottle really good and removed all the old labels.

Once they were clean. I used a hot glue gun to draw things on the bottles. For instance a skeleton on the bottle that was going to be the skele gro.

I then spray painted the ones I wanted to look like stone black. I put a couple of coats on them and let the dry between each one

Once they were dry, used a dry sponge and dabbed red, yell and brown on the bottles. I used a VERY small amount. I then used the grey paint and used it very liberally and sponged it on the bottles.. Make sure you highlight the raised areas that were the hot glue so that it stands out.

Let them dry for quite a while otherwise they are really sticky.

Step 2: Express Yourself

The next step is set aside for you to express your creativity.

I applied bottle labels found on Pinterest . I used the Harry Potter ones

but there are tons of ones out there that are really cool

I printed the labels out on white stock paper then used modge podge under and on top of the label. You will have to hold the label down a bit so it will stick to your bottle.

I used various stuff to wrap the bottle necks, or around the bottle to add character. I used pink ribbon for the love potion, green gauze for the tuber puss, some fake fur for the wolfs bane. At this time you want to make sure you have corks or lids for each container. I went to hobby lobby got some drawer knobs and stuck them into the corks. I used some burlap to cover the lids for the wide mouth jars.

Step 3: Fill Er Up

The last step is to fill the jars.
You can fill them with whatever you like.
For the jars that the contents could not seen in (the black ones) I put dried beans.
For the bottles where you could see what was in them , I used clear corn syrup mixed with glitter and food dye to match the glitter. The corn syrup is very vicious and suspends the glitter really well so that the glitter will not float to the bottom Each one was dependent upon what the label was. For the love potion I used silver glitter with pink tinted syrup. The tuber pus, green glitter, green dye and on and on. Once I filled the bottles I hot glued the stoppers and lids on so there would not be any messy spills.
Arrange them as a center piece and its sure to attract some attention. This

the project is super easy and fun and the results are very gratifying.

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