Introduction: Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace

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This necklace is super easy and quick. You could easily put one together in 10-15 minutes, and you probably have the stuff at home already.
All you need is:
- 2 paperclips
- string or necklace chain
- a soldering iron with solder: alternatively, a hot glue gun
- pliers
If you have an actual necklace chain (like from a kit), then omit the string and use the chain instead.

Step 1: Gather Stuff

You'll need two paperclips. Wire ones, obviously. I used one big one and one small one - otherwise, it will just be a little smaller.

Get a soldering iron and some solder (not pictured). I don't think the solder type matters. Lead free is good, since you'll be wearing this, but it's up to you.

Also, you'll need a pair of pliers. Needlenose work best. Always.

That's all you need, so we're ready to begin.

Step 2: Straighten Out the Paperclips

Self-explanatory. Use the pliers to straighten them out as best you can, starting from the outside.

Step 3: Shaping

We're going to bend the paperclips into the proper shapes - pretty simple. See the picture for the shapes. One is a triangle with a vertical bisector, which extends to the top. At the top make a little loop with the leftover wire.

I started with the big paperclip, which becomes the triangle. It's approximately an equilateral triangle, by the way, so each angle should be about 60 degrees. My first bend was at about 1.5 cm. My next one (again at 60 degrees) was a bit less than 3 cm after that. I'm just giving these numbers for reference but do whatever looks right to you, and adjust as you go. Anyways, after that make a third 60 degree bend to make the triangle, then bend up 90 degrees for the vertical bisector. At the top form a little loop with whatever wire you have left.

Now relax because the hardest part is done..

Next simply form the small clip into a circle. Use the pliers only to shape and twist at the end. The ends will overlap, and you should wind/twist them together a bit to make them stay together. Resize the circle so it fits into the triangle appropriately.

Proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Soldering

This step is also pretty easy. Solder as shown in the diagram. Don't use too much solder; just enough to hold it together.

If you don't have a soldering iron or prefer not to use one, you can use hot glue, but it makes strings and creates a somewhat less attractive product. Still, I've done it, and it works fine.

Step 5: Finish

Thread the chain or the string through the loop you made. Alternatively, you can put a tiny little S-hook into the loop and attach the chain to that, if you have one. I found one in my desk so I used it, but it looks great either way.

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