Introduction: Heat Pack Socks

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Do you feel like your toes are always freezing? Does it take you ages to get to sleep because you have to wait for your toes to warm up? or does your partner keep using you to warm up their freezing feet?

If so This will solve all of your problems!*

*This will only solve the problem of cold feet.

Step 1: Collect Materials

You will need:

  • 2 Pairs of Socks
  • Rice
  • Chalk
  • Needle and Thread
  • Measuring Teaspoon

Step 2: Turn Sock Inside-out

Turn one sock inside out and put it on.

Step 3: Put Second Sock On

Put a second sock on over the top of the first sock.

Right way out this time.

So that the insides of the socks are facing each other.

Step 4: Mark Long Stitching Lines

Use the chalk to draw around base of your foot as pictured. Keeping a gap at the back behind the heal.

Use chalk again to draw 2 lines running up your foot. Starting above the base of your toes. one on each side of the top of your foot as pictured.

Step 5: Stitch Along the Long Lines

Use a Backstitch to stitch along the long lines marked.

You may need to redraw the other lines, to keep them visible after stitching each line.

Be sure not to stitch around the back of the heal.

Step 6: Draw Horizontal Stitching Lines

Draw a line behind your toes, above and below your foot.

Draw a line behind the ball of your foot and continue it above your foot.

Draw a line around your heal.

Draw a line connecting to the heal circle on each side traveling over your foot where it connects to your ankle.

The lines are pictured here for clarity.

Step 7: Insert Rice

Inset a tablespoon of rice into each pocket on the front and 3 tablespoons of rice into the pocket on the back.

Step 8: Stitch One Horizontal Line

Use the Backstitch again, around the first of the horizontal lines drawn. The one that circles behind your toes.

Step 9: Repeat Until Complete

Repeat the last two steps until your sock is complete.

Insert Rice, Stitch along the horizontal line above the rice, Insert more rice, stitch along the horizontal line above the rice, and add more rice again.

The recommended number of teaspoons of rice to put in each pocket is pictured above.

Remember to stitch around the top edge of the sock to complete it.

Step 10: Repeat Everything

Repeat the entire thing from putting a sock on inside out to stitching around the top, with the other set of socks to make a pair.

Step 11: Microwave

To work your heat pack socks all you have to do is microwave them for 30 seconds.

Enjoy your warm feet.

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