Introduction: Hedgehog Paper Case for Baby Onesi

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Do we have a newborn? Or is it on its way?

You've found the perfect baby onesie for your next baby shower. But what about the case to put it in?

Here is a super cute paper hedgehog box, I call it hedgehog emotibox, which fits a baby onesie and makes a great gift for both new moms and moms to be!

You'll need:
1. 3 A4 size sheets of card stock paper at least 250 gr (>110 lb) I used recycled craft card stock paper but you can use white instead. 2. 1 A4 size sheet of thick card stock paper over 200gr. I used one that was 300gr. 3. 1 white A4 sheet of paper 4. Printer 5. Scissors 6. Glue 7. Hot glue gun 8. x-acto knife for paper cut 9. 1 big round button

Step 1: Print

print the three pages and cut out the template! In case your printer can't print on thick paper, print them in regular paper, then glue them on the cardstock paper and then cut out the template.

Step 2: Glue the Hedgehog on the Thick Card Stock Paper

Now we have all the pieces cut!

Next step is to glue the hedghog on the heavy card stock paper and cut the outline again. This would make the back more stable and the hedghog emotibox would be able to stand alone easily.

Step 3: Let's Make the Front Side

Now, take the 2nd piece and apply glue on the two small grey areas. When the glue dries, apply glue on the other three grey areas and place it on the 1st piece (hedgehog silhouette). The hedgehog body is ready!

Step 4: Let's Make the Hidden Drawer!

Now take the 3rd piece and apply glue on the four white areas to assemble the drawer.

Step 5: And Voila!!

Use a hot glue gun to apply glue on the round button and place it at the front of the drawer!

The hedgehog emotibox is ready! Fold the baby onesie and place it inside the drawer and it's ready to offer it to your beloved one! It can also stand alone as a beautiful decoration and hide your secret belongings!


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