Introduction: Hidden Diamonds in a Cigarette (Cigarette Idea 4 of 5) - (Made for a Contest Long Lost)

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Cigarette idea 4 of 5

Extension to Cigarette idea 1 of 5.

Things You Need:

- Two cigarettes
- A pair of tweezers
- Diamonds or gems of a medium size.

PLEASE CONTROL THE URGE NOT TO SMOKE YOUR MONEY AWAY!!!!!!! This would be an even costlier mistake than smoking your rolled up money in idea 1.


1 .Empty a Cigarette
2. Dont throw the tobacco away,
3. Put your diamonds in the empty hollow after tobacco removal, you can empty it all the way.
4. Cover up the stones with the tobacco and use tobacco from the extra cigarette if need arises.(Reason , manual filling is not comparable to cigarette companies packing of individual cigarettes)

ADVICE : I am not responsible for burnt stones or smugglers.
This question would come up and it did , by a senior member about how to remember which is the treasure box or the special fire stick .....
and the answer from my side:

1.Don't be generous with your cigarettes :)

2.Sometimes there are special packing/ edition launched by your brand ,or a little variation on the box, or a different flavour , keep a couple of those handy,even though the flavour might be horrible :D, to remind us that there is something special in that box.

3.SALT YOUR CIGARETTE BUTT: the best idea for not burning up your assest are to dip and rub the cigarette butt in some very finely powdered salt for about 5mins,the filter absorbs some of the salt flavour.
So when it comes to ur lips,u remember its not the usual stuff.I just tried it and it does not show seperately and doesn't leave a smell too,plus its food grade.I'll add these steps to all the 5 ideas,thank you for reminding me.

Do let me know if you think of anything else.


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