His and Her Coat Rack




Introduction: His and Her Coat Rack

Boys will be boys ...and they break toys  :-1...
So what can you do with those broken cars???
Make Coat Racks!...
Well since there are little girls too...thought to make some girly once for them too!

Step 1: Materials

Broken car tiers with axel
Tree branches
3" x 22" - wood plank
Colored net or flowers of your choice

Step 2: His Coat Rack

Get your plank and sand it...
Cut the Axel of the car so the tiers will be on one side and the axel long enough to go to fit securely in the dowel.
Take a dowel and cut to 1.5" ...drill a hole on one side to fit the screw nail and other other side to fit the Axel of the car.
Mark the placement on the plank ...drill and screw in the dowels...paint it.
Paint the road way with white outline paint.
Now print or get some road signs...cut and paste...
paste half way where the holes to connect to the wall is...so you may cover the nail with the sign...
That's  it!
Oh little boys just love this!
If you can get signs like 'No Hitchhiking' 'Yield' it would be great!

Step 3: Her Coat Rack

Cleaning up your garden??
Well save up some strong branches...Cut to appropriate lengths and clean and sand them up.
Sand the bottom flat...and the top and bottom of the branches to a curve so it would like blend in to the plank.
Mark the placements on the plank and drill...I used 2 per branch so it would not twist and move.
Paint it...till it dries...
Make fabric flowers as this instructable ...else buy your flowers...
also get some butterflies...I bought mine on ebay
Hot glue the flowers near the holes which connect to the wall ...and hot glue flowers and butterflies as you like!
Isn't it pretty??
These would be perfect gifts for little boys and girls!

Please vote for it in the 'Holiday Gifts' and 'Reuse contest! Thank you.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    When I was a little girl, I would have loved the car wheels coat rack. The flowery one, not so much.
    Neat idea though!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! ...hmmm....what do you think i should do to make the girls more interesting that you would want one??:-D add leaves??....hmmm...i must think on this


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I would have wanted one if it had car wheels... or dinosaurs.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! That is my favorite too!..it's so bright and colorful!