Introduction: Hockey Stick and Puck From Paper Towel Rolls and Ketchup Lid

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I created this instructable because I like hockey and it is one of my favorite sports, and to have fun making something associated to hockey.

Step 1: What You Need

You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Paper Towel Rolls (3)
  • Ketchup Lid
  • Two Copies of Logo - But one Logo (We did Pittsburgh Penguins, but you don't have to do that one). A size that worked for us is in this document: Google Docs - Instructables Penguin Logo
  • Clear Scotch Tape
  • Blue Scotch Tape

Step 2: Put Together Paper Towel Rolls

To begin, press in on one end of two of the paper towel rolls (See picture for help). Then push the side that is dented into the other paper towel rolls, so that it creates a long set of paper towel rolls as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Fold Bottom

At the end of the stick, fold the last paper towel roll in half to create a crease, similar to the one in the picture. This will mark the bottom of the stick where it would touch the ground.

Step 4: Tape Hockey Stick Together

At each of the locations that the paper towel rolls were connected, wrap a layer of Blue Scotch Tape. Also, wrap a layer of Blue Scotch Tape to the top of the stick and near the end of the stick on the bottom as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Make Hockey Pucks

Cut out the two copies of the logo that you are going to use. Make sure they are relatively the same size as the lid. (Lid sizes will vary based on the brand of the ketchup). Then, tape it down with clear tape till it has the desired look along the edges. (You will only use one of the logos for this step)

Step 6: Attach Logo to Stick

Now take the other logo and attach it to the hockey stick where you would like it to be using the clear tape. It looks best right under the second piece of tape from the top.

Step 7: The Final Product

And now you can enjoy playing hockey with your stick and puck! (Create a second stick to play with a friend)

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