Introduction: Homemade Coconut Milk From Dessicated Coconut

- Coconut milk can be prepared at home easily through simple steps. Coconut milk can be used as flavouring ingredient and is used to prepare various sweets,desserts and curries.


- One cup dessicated coconut

- 2 cups hot boiled water

- Cheese or muslin cloth

- Colander

Step 1: Add Hot Water to Dessicated Coconut

First step is take a cup of dessicated coconut and add 2 cups hot boiled water to it.

Step 2: Soak

After adding water soak for 2 hours so that coconut becomes soft.

Step 3: Transfer to Blender and Blend

Now transfer soaked coconut along with water to blender and blend for one minute.You will see it will be little thick and creamy after blending

Step 4: Strain

- Now take a colander and place some vessel underneath .Cover the colander with muslin cloth and strain the blended creamy coconut .Squeeze cloth and press so that excess milk gets squezzed out.

- We get pulp collected on cloth and milk is collected in vessel.

Step 5: Coconut Milk Is Ready

You can see collected milk in vessel.You can use fresh homemade coconut milk in various recipes.

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