Introduction: Hot Air Ballon

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This is a hot air ballon that I have made with markers and coloured pencils. This took me 1 hour to create so please vote for it.


Paper, markers and couloured pencils.

Step 1: Draw Your Outline

The first step to create a masterpiece is to draw your outline. You want to include a few clouds and the hot air ballon. If you cannot drawn full people that is still okay just draw stick figures.

Step 2: Draw the Hot Air Ballon

The next step is to colour in the hot air ballon. First use the purple marker then do the red marker and keep on off. Then use your coloured pencils to colour in you flag and the bottom of the hot air ballon.

Step 3: Colour in the Backround

The next step is to colour in the backround. Take your light blue couloured pencil and draw the backround. Draw it very light on the paper. Do not push down on the paper. Make sure to not color in the clouds.

Step 4: Finish the Backround

Your last step is to finish colouring in your backround. Use your couloured markers to make the rest. Use different markers for different sides.
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