Introduction: House Roaches- -No, No, I Don't Think So!

Nothing in the world is more disgusting than roaches in the house. Some locations seem to have more roaches than others and this plan works even in geographical regions that are close to the coast where roaches seem to run wild. Make this simple recipe and use it in several places around your home and you won't see any more roaches.

One recipe (with proper bait placement) should keep your home roach free for at least a year. If you see another roach after your population has been decimated it is time to start again with fresh bait.

Step 1: Create the Bait

Note about using the method of baiting vs. pesticides:

Baiting is better than exterminating through traditional pesticides because of the hit or miss problem of applying pesticides in the places that will actually be visited by roaches and the toxins introduced into your home.

The baiting method is preferable because roaches will be attracted to the bait and will take it straight back to their nest and feed their entire family. There is no way a person can locate each remote roach nest.The roaches in your house become your foot soldiers in the war against roaches. Devious, right?

The items you will need to create the bait:

  • Boric acid - Any cheap type - normally can be purchased in the pesticide department of stores
  • Flour - any type or variety
  • Bacon grease - or a similar fat that will bind with the flour and attract the roaches
  • Latex or similar type gloves for handling bait balls
  • Disposable container for the bait, such as a disposable plastic cup - not to be used again
  • Plastic or disposable spoon for mixing the bait - not to be used again

Step 2: Use Caution When Mixing and Placing Bait

Take care not to breathe in the boric acid as you mix the bait. Wear latex (or other similar) gloves to protect your hands when you create small bait balls and place them in locations for maximum roach attraction and decimation.

Step 3: Mix It Up

Measurements are approximate - use more or less to create bait balls that are approximately the consistency of cookie dough.

Mix the Bait:

  1. Carefully spoon out approximately three tablespoons of boric acid into the disposable cup/container. Spoon rather than pour to diminish the amount of boric acid in the air you may breathe.
  2. Add approximately one cup of flour
  3. Add approximately two tablespoons of bacon grease to the dry ingredients
  4. Mix the ingredients together - add water as necessary to create a dough that will stick together
  5. Once the dough is the right consistency begin to create small dough balls

Step 4: Place the Bait

Place a small bait ball (about a centimeter wide) anywhere roaches typically travel such as around any openings in the walls, near pipes coming out of walls, back of cabinets under sinks, etc...

Carefully remove your switch plate covers and plug receptacle covers and carefully place a very small ball of dough in the light switch receptacle box or small space around plug receptacles without touching any of the wires or electrical parts that may shock you. Roaches are attracted to these areas in the walls and this will make a difference.

Place a small bait ball in the back of cabinets, under sinks, and in any areas that roaches may travel. They will be attracted to the bait and will travel to it. They love the carbohydrate/starch of the flour and the fat from the grease.

Place bait balls in the following areas for maximum roach control:

  • Attics or crawl spaces and in any dark areas that make good roach nesting areas
  • Garages in out of reach places along the perimeter of the interior of the garage
  • Behind/under refrigerators and freezers
  • Small spaces between or under dishwashers and/or garbage compactors
  • Under or behind microwave ovens and/or toasters and toaster ovens
  • Under or near any coffee maker that holds water in a reservoir, the water attracts roaches and other bugs
  • In the back of the pantry where food items are kept that may attract roaches
  • Outside on or around porches and around exterior windows and doors

!!! Important -- Keep the bait out of the reach of children and pets !!!

It will take between one and two weeks before roach populations are seriously diminished. If baited properly, roach populations will disappear and will no longer be a concern making your house a cleaner and healthier environment.

This boric acid bait will also help control other bugs

Step 5: Safety Reminder - One More Time

  • Please keep this bait away from children and animals.

  • Be cautious not to breathe the boric acid powder when mixing the bait.

  • Wear protective gloves when handling bait balls.

  • Go make this recipe right now and place the bait balls so your home will be roach free which will make it a cleaner and healthier place to live!

  • Follow these steps and after a few weeks you will no longer worry about or think about nasty roaches in your house!

You are welcome! :)

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