Introduction: How to Decorate Your Desk.

So today I am going to be showing you guys how to make some decorations for you table or your desk.. . If you don't like this just go with what ever your mind thinks

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

Any random shapes of silk, Cotten, paper
Whatever you think stick to glass better:
Any type of beads:
2 or 1 gum ball machine I have 2 but you can have what ever:
Any type of a glass jar:
2 types of you favourite toy animal (little):
1 more tiny tiny toy
1 boxes any type:
A stone and paint a little ladybug on it:
A pot of pens or anything in the pot like flowers if you want to:
You can have how much thing you want I have 4 in mine(why not):
4 types of gum ball candy:
2 pompom thingys I will show you that a bit later:

And that should do it if we need anything else I will tell you later on..lets get started

Step 2: Step 1

Find the thing you want to put all the stuff on
The first thing you want to do is get your jar fill it with the beads. After that you want to get this things look at the pic above.the 4 pic..
Tie the thing around the top of the jar sorry I don't know what they are called please correct me in the comments if you what they are called. Then you get you box get all or things you have. So the gumball machine pot of everything and your toys I all so put in a money pot shaped like a cupcake and you will need to pompoms and put them in the jar. And get the gumball candy... Put all the stuff like the pic above. I put the candy in the gumballs machine. And I put a flower in the jar and you can put the shapes on the jar but I was going to do it and know I'm not that's about it sorry if it's a little rubbish but remember you don't have to have my style you can put what ever you want. I also made a other jar and I'm going to put on the jar on the desk. That about it... Say in the comments if you want me to do rainbow looms tutorials .... Bye