Introduction: How to Make a Single Loom Bracelet

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Step 1: Get Your Materials

To make a loom bracelet, you will need a loom, a pick tool, an "S" or a "C" clip, and your choice of colored rubber bands.

Step 2: Start Applying Rubber Bands

Place one of your rubber bands zigzag style as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Apply Rubber Bands

Take another rubber band and place it in a sideways/zigzag way as shown in the picture. This rubber band should be placed the opposite way as the pink rubber band, or whatever color you are using.

Step 4: Continue

Continue the zigzag process all the way to the end of your loom. It should look like that.

Step 5: Flip It

Now flip your loom around so the arrows are facing towards you.

Step 6: Start Plucking the Rubber Bands

You are now starting the process of plucking the rubber bands. As shown in the picture, go inside of the pink rubber band.

Step 7: Plucking the Rubber Bands

Grab the black rubber band.

Step 8: Pull

Pull the black rubber band up, so it is no longer attached to the peg where the first pink rubber band is on.

Step 9: Connect

Connect the black rubber band you just pulled up and attach it to the peg where the other end of the same black rubber band is on.

Step 10: Pluck All the Way to the End

Pluck all the rubber bands until you reach the end if the loom. It should look like that when you are done plucking.

Step 11: Attach

Attach a "S" or a "C" clip to the end of the bracelet. Make sure the end you attach the clip is the end farthest away from you when the arrows are pointing towards you.

Step 12: Pull

Slowly start to pull of your bracelet from the loom. If your bracelet falls apart when taking it off, you did something wrong.

Step 13: Attach the Ends

Take the end with the "S" or "C" clip and attach it to the end without a clip.

Step 14: Wear It

Wear your awesome masterpiece as an accessory.