Introduction: How to Make Your Bouncy Balls, Well Bounce!!

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Step 1: Supplies

1. An old hard bouncy ball
2. A cup filled with water that your bouncy ball fit in
3. vaseline (petroleum jelly)
Your bouncy ball is probably really hard

Step 2: Water

Fill your cup with water almost to the top

Step 3: Jelly

Coat your bouncy ball in the jelly. Only put a thin layer on. Get the jelly off your hands by using a DRY napkin.

Step 4: Dropping!!

Put you bouncy ball in water for 3.5 hours for a small bouncy ball and 6 hours for a big one. Hope it works!

Step 5: Getting the Gunk Off

Us a dry napkin to get the jelly of the bouncy ball. Enjoy!

Step 6:

It may be a little sticky but that will go away if you clean it off real well

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