Introduction: How to Make a "Wave" Beaded Bracelet

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Step 1: Materials:

To make the Wave bracelet you will need:

-one lobster class
-two crimping beads
-one jump ring
-scissors or wire cutter (not shown)
-crimping tool (not shown) or small pliers
-string (I recommend coated metal string)

In order to pick beads I recommend looking for about six different sizes, shapes, and colours. Beads can easily be found in craft stores or even the dollar store and are fairly inexpensive. Also, make sure to have at least one size bead in clear and/or white.

Step 2: Picking a Pattern

In order to make the "wave" look in your bracelet you will need to creat two lines of beads, that will be combined in one layout. Start out by laying out one centre bead, then set out a pattern on one side of the bead, and mimic it on the other.

Next, layout another pattern below the first one following the same format (pick a bead for the centre, lay pattern on one side, mimic pattern on the other.)

Tips for choosing a pattern: I always find choosing a pattern of beads to be the hardest part of this bracelet so here are some of my best tips!

-try to use the same colour choices on both the top and the bottom
-try to use the same beads, but in a different arrangement
-make sure patterns are the same length
-try each pattern on a small piece of string to make sure you like how they look
-try a couple different kinds of arrangement in order to find your favourite

Step 3: Preparing to Start

Next you will want to pick a bead that will desperate each chosen pattern. This is where the clear or white beads are most important. If you bought small clear or white beads than lay out 2-4 before and after your pattern, if they are large lay out 1 or 2.

Cutting string is next. Cut a piece that is long enough to wrap around your wrist twice with extra. Make sure to cut more than you need. You don't want to run out!!!

Step 4: Attaching Jump Ring

The next step is to fold the string in half, and to put your jump ring so it is in the middle. Next put your crimp bead onto both ends of the string until it meets up with the jump ring. After that use pliers or a crimping tool to flatten the malleable bead.

Step 5: Stringing First Beads

You are know ready to start stringing your beads. I began by putting on two small silver beads (onto both strings) to start off my pattern. Now separate the two strings that are inside the crimp and your starting beads. On the top string you can now add the top pattern you came up with in step three. Then, on the bottom string put on your bottom pattern from step one.

And lastly, apply the clear or white beads you had set to the side onto BOTH the strings. You will only need the first set of them. Congrats you have now made the first "wave" in your bracelet!!

Step 6: Continuing "wave" Pattern

You now want to separate the strings again. Both strings should be going through the final bead you put on in step five and you want them to cross as they travel through it. If they don't, then you can just cross them over each other yourself.

Now you can put your second "wave" pattern on. Just remember that now that the strings are crossed. The top pattern now goes on the bottom string, while the bottom pattern from strep five goes on the top string.

Apply your next set of white or clear beads and you are now done your second "wave" pattern!!

You can now continue with step six until the bracelet is just about long enough to reach around and fit wry tightly around your wrist. Make sure to try it often so you know when it reaches that length.

Step 7: Putting on the Lobster Clasp

As I have a fairly small wrist I didn't need to add any more than 5 "waves" but make sure to add the specific amount you need! Everyone will be different! :)

Now that you are almost at the end of your bracelet you will either want to add some of the white or clear connecting beads that you put in the middle of your "wave" pattern, or beads just like the ones at the start of the bracelet. This is your choice. I recommend using small beads if possible. Next put your crimp bead and lobster clasp onto both strings. Then feed both strings through the crimp and the other beads you put at the end of your last "wave" pattern. Now crimp or flatten the crimp bead.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Your final step is to thread the extra wire through some of the beads in your final "wave" pattern. Now cut the string as short as you can with a pair of scissors or wire cutters. Voila!! You are now finished your very own "wave" bracelet!

This bracelet makes a terrific gift or just a fun new accessory to add to your collection!

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