Introduction: How to Tie Your Moccasin Perfectly

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Step 1: Materials:

All you will need for this project a pair of moccasins and your hands!

Step 2: Un- Tie Your Moccasin

Now you have to un-tie your moccasin :)

Step 3: Make a Loop:

Make a loop with one strand of your moccasin

Step 4: Wrap the Other Strand Around the Loop:

Now you have to take your other strand on your moccasin and wrap it around the loop you just made

Step 5: Tuck in the Strand

You should have a little pocket from the starting knot (see step 2) now take the strand you wrapped around the starting loop and tuck it in there.

Step 6:

You should have something that looks like this

Step 7: The Remaining Strand

Now take the one strand that you see in step 6 and tuck it under the loop you just made the picture will help you understand what I am saying even better.

Step 8:

Where my finger is pointing is where you tuck the remaining strand.

Step 9: Finishing It Off

Now once your strand is tucked in the loop it should look like this

Step 10: Succsess!

Now you have successfully tied your own moccasin nice job and thanks again!