How to Cut Palm Tree's Leaves




Introduction: How to Cut Palm Tree's Leaves

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Today, I am going to show you how to cut palm tree's leaves by yourself with really few components needed. Palm tree's leaves grow from its body. Each leaf has got a lot of connection tiny ropes to the body of palm tree. After the growing of leaves, you need to trim and/or cut the leaves when palm tree goes up year by year.

The need list:

1. Utility knife

2. Gloves

3. Portable garden stairs

Extra: Bug killer aerosol

WARNING: Be aware of utility knife when you use! Don't forget to close the knife after you done your task.

WARNING: If you are allergic to ants, spiders, and bees, be careful with the environment near you.

WARNING: When you use metalic portable stairs, you need another person to help ypu in order to hold the stairs when you are up.

WARNING: Use working glasses for your eyes when you cut the leaves.

WARNING: Palm trees leaves have got needles on its own. (Thorn, needle)

Step 1: Prepare Your Gadgets

If you prepared the need list as mentioned on step 1, keep bug killer sprey aerosol with you. This is because of spider and other parasites which carries toxins.

Palm trees are very good place to live for spiders, ants, insects and other tiny parasites. So, if you plan to trim your palm tree's leaves, be careful so much for those animals.

Step 2: Prepare Stairs

The portable garden stairs, put it lean on the tree. Double check the foots of stairs to hold balance.

Step 3: Be Aware: Insects and Thorn

Thorns may hurt you. Be careful.

Step 4: Now, Let's Cut :)

If the leaves are too close to ground, you can use sawtooth to cut the leave from middle first.

As you can see the picture, there are some lines on the body of palm tree. Use utility knife to cut the beginning point of leaves. One leaf has got a lot of connections to the body of palm tree. This is very interesting though. Because palm trees are different from traditional tree modals by their in-body design; xylem and floem sequence.

Palm tree will show you the leaves' connection lines. Follow these lines to cut.

Step 5: Video Explanations

Check for English or your native language translate subtitle on video's settings icon.

Step 6: Year Lines on Palm Tree

For example, my palm tree is only one. So, it is easy to maintain its needs. For instance, I cut the leaves year by year. Hence, I can easily see the color differenties on the body of my palm tree. You can cut the leaves on different years to do this color differences. Check the picture is attached on this step.

Step 7: To Sum Up & Clean & Gallery

After every joyful step, you need to clean your environment and check your body in case of any injuries such as allergics and itchings. Unfortunately, my arms had allergically colored into red.


That's all !

Step 8: BONUS: How to Know When to Trim?

1. Picture: This is an old Palm Tree body. If there are more than 20-25 new leaves on top, you can trim old leaves from bottom to top with utility knife. Also you can trim bottom side of body.

2. Picture: This tree needs cut of 20-25 lines.

3. Picture: This tree needs cut of 40-50 lines. You need saw to begin with from bottom. Because there is no one trim the leaves yet.

Step 9: BONUS: Other Kind of Elderly Palm Trees

1. Picture: This Palm Tree has got a lot of years. The tree will force itself to produce new leaves from top, it forces itself to enlarge it's body to grow. So, the tree can easily consume enough water from ground and to hold itself in ground easily. Consequently, there are some splits on the body begining side. If roots are broken from ground, you can trim these body lines for good view.

2. Picture: This bottom side is well-grown by itself. First picture seems ugly, but this picture is very tidy.

3. Picture: These are in my town. My town's Palm Trees are cute :)

Step 10: BONUS: Goodbye to Palm Tree

07.02.2017 (d/m/y) Sorry to say this, we said bye to our friend palm tree. Because it was very dangerous for us, and our neighbour that trees are so long, they maybe drop to our buildings. So, family members thought that we need to cut down these trees. Here are the photoes.

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    4 years ago


    The need list No 2 - gloves! ;-)

    Bay Yolal
    Bay Yolal

    Reply 4 years ago

    Absolutely :D


    4 years ago

    Pretty tidy tree! palms are so beautiful too, I live in Alaska so palms don't rally grow good here. cool instructable!

    Bay Yolal
    Bay Yolal

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you very much Alaska :)


    4 years ago

    Interesting! Though we don't have many Palm trees here in the UK, I was in Turkey a couple of weeks ago and wondered how the palms at our villa were kept so beautifully tidy.

    Bay Yolal
    Bay Yolal

    Reply 4 years ago

    Palm trees are only fit some definnite climates. Actually it is hard to make live them in Turkey. Especially winter season is bad for them in here, but it is interesting that they live easily maybe because of climate changes, hot winters... In your villa, maybe gardeners are hardworking to keep them tidy. :) Thank you very much for your interest in this instructable. :) Loves.