Introduction: How to Draw Cute Berries

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Cute cartoon berries adventure on this tutorial video. A red strawberry, a blue blueberry, and a pink raspberry. A cute voice reads the berries' names and colors aloud so you can learn how to say and write the words. Watch, draw & color and learn English words at the same time! What a funny way to learn arts and languages! A great video for home school and distance learning.

Here is the full Youtube video for you to watch. Under on this instructable I have added photos and text to help you follow the tutorial. Happy drawing!


  • A thick black marker
  • A thin black marker
  • A green marker
  • A red marker
  • A blue marker
  • A pink marker
  • A dark pink/purple marker
  • A light pink marker
  • Paper (bleed proof or use an underlay)

Step 1: Draw the Basic Outlines

Draw the basic outlines of the berries like shown on the video. Use the thicker marker.

Step 2: Draw the Faces

Draw the faces to the berries like shown on the video. Use the thin marker first for a more accurate drawing, then go over the thin lines with the thicker marker and color the inside of the pupil. Leave the small circle white.

Step 3: Thicken the Outlines (optional)

Thicken the outlines of the berries to get a nice look and to make the coloring easier.

Step 4: Color

Color the berries.

The strawberry is red with a green stalk. Add seeds with a brown marker.

The blueberry is blue. Start with the cheeks and remember to go aroung them with the blue marker.

The raspberry is pink. Add detalis to the raspberry with the darker pink/purple marker.

Step 5: Finished!

Now your finished! You did so well :)

Now go eat your berries! (real ones, not the ones on the paper ;) )