Introduction: Let's Draw and Color Citrus Fruits With Cross Sections

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With this video tutorial you will learn how to draw and color citrus fruits and their cross sections. Watch and learn to do it yourself - step by step. A funny voice reads the names and colors of the fruits aloud so you can learn words at the same time as you learn to draw!

Here is the full tutorial video and under I have collected step by step pictures so you can more easily follow the tutorial.


  • A black marker
  • A red marker
  • A green marker
  • An orange marker
  • A yellow marker
  • paper (bleedproof or use an underlay)

Step 1: Draw the Basic Forms of the Fruits

Draw the basic forms of the fruits like shown on the video. Start by drawing the cross section and then it's easier to draw the whole fruit behind it. The cross sections are similar in each fruit, they only vary in sizes, lime being the smallest.

Step 2: Thicken the Lines

Thicken the lines to create a nice look and to make coloring easier.

Step 3: Start Coloring

Start coloring with the red grapefruit. It is obviously red like the name tells us. Color the stem with the brown marker and the fruit body with the red marker. Color the skin (outer circle) and the pulp of the cross sectioned fruit with the red marker, leave the center circle and the area between the skin and the pulp white. Do the same to all of the fruits. Lime is going to be green, orange orage and lemon yellow.

Step 4: Finished

Now all your fruits and cross sections are done! You did great!