Introduction: Let's Draw a Hand Butterfly for Mother

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On this video tutorial you learn how to draw a cute hand butterfly using your little one's hands. You can give it to the child's grandmother as a heartwarming gift. Of course you can use your own hands too, regardless of age! Or if you are a kid, you can make it as a shared project with your siblings :)


  • Two hands
  • A black marker
  • A light yellow marker
  • A light pink marker
  • A bright yellow marker
  • A dark pink marker
  • paper or cardboard to draw on

Additional: a photo frame, a card base

Step 1: Draw the Body and Trace the Hands

Draw the body of the butterfly in the middle of the paper. Use a pencil.

Then place a left hand on the right side of the body, thumb pointing to your right. Trace the hand with a pencil. Try to keep the hand still while tracing. If it moves, put it back in place along the lines you already drew.

Now do the same to the right hand, place it on the left side of the butterfly body, thumb pointing to your left. Trace.

Step 2: Ink the Outlines and Add Details

Ink the pencil outlines with the black marker. Then draw antennas on the butterfly's head, add eyes and stripes on the body like shown on the video. Then draw hearts on each wing of the butterfly. They are representing love that the owner of the hands is sending to the reciever.

Step 3: Thicken the Lines

Thicken the lines for a cooler look and to make the coloring easier. You can first draw another outline next to the first one and then color between the lines.

Step 4: Start Coloring

Start coloring from the body of the butterfly. Color every other stripe with the bright yellow marker, and the rest of the stripes with the light yellow marker. Color the insides of the hearts with the darker pink marker.

Then color the insides of the wings with the lighter yellow.

Step 5: Finished!

Your drawing is finished. You can cut it out and glue on a mothers day card or put in frames and give as a gift. Your family will love this symbol of caring.