Introduction: How to Draw Cute Tropical Fruits

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Cute cartoon fruits adventure on this tutorial video. A yellow pineapple, a green watermelon and a brown coconut. A cute voice reads the fruit names and colors aloud so you can learn how to say and write the words. Watch, draw & color and learn English words at the same time! What a funny way to learn arts and languages!


  • A black thicker marker
  • A black thinner marker
  • A darker green marker
  • A lighter green marker
  • A yellow marker
  • A brown marker
  • A light pink marker
  • An orange colored pencil (or a light orange marker)
  • paper (bleedproof or use an underlay)

Step 1: Draw the Outlines

Draw the basic outlines of the fruits like shown in the video. Use the thicker marker.

Step 2: Draw the Faces

Draw the faces to the fruits.

Start with the thin marker to draw more accurately. Then thicken the lines with the thicker marker and color the insides of the pupils. Leave the small circles white. Color also the three circles on the coconut.

Step 3: Thicken the Lines

Thicken the lines with the thicker marker. You can first draw another outline next to the first and then color in between the two outlines. Then draw and color the pineapple and watermelon's cheecks with the pink marker.

Step 4: Start Coloring

Start coloring with the pineapple.

The pineapple is yellow with green leaves. Color the leaves with the darker green marker. Then color the body of the pineapple with the yellow marker. Remember to go around the cheeks. Then draw a diagonal grid on the yellow area of the pineapple with the orange colored pencil (you can also use a light orange marker).

Step 5: Color the Watermelon

Next color the watermelon.

The watermelon is green, it has dark and light green stripes. Start by drawing vertical curved lines on the melon with the darker green marker. Color the inside of every other stripe with the same marker. Then color the rest of the stripes with the lighter green marker. Remember to go around the cheeks.

Step 6: Color the Coconut

Color the coconut.

The coconut is brown. Color the coconut with the brown marker.

Then draw the "hairs" on the coconut with the thinner marker. Draw some hairs also outside the edges of the coconut to make a natural look.

Step 7: Finished!

Now all your cute fruits are finished! You did well! :)