Introduction: How to Draw and Color a Cute Snail Jelly Roll

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How to Draw a Cute Snail Jelly Roll | Fun & Easy Coloring Page for Children | Art Tutorial for kids

A Cute little Jelly Roll Snail adventures on this drawing tutorial video. Watch me draw him step by step and draw along!

Happy coloring :)


  • A black marker
  • A dark and lighter brown marker
  • A light and dark pink marker
  • A yellow colored pencil
  • paper

Step 1: The Jelly Roll Shell

First draw the outline of the shell. Make it round but slightly flattened so it looks like a jelly roll. Add another line inside the shell, along the left edge, a bit away from it.

Step 2: Jelly Cream Spiral

Draw a spiral inside the shell, starting from the innermost line and returning with the outer line of the spiral, thickening it.

Step 3: The Body of the Snail

Draw the body of the snail starting from the edge of the shell, on the right side. Draw a curve upwards, then return down with a bigger curve that goes under the shell and ending on the left bottom corner of the shell. Make a slight corner in the end.

Step 4: The Antennas

Draw two antennas on the snail's head.

Step 5: The Face

Draw a cute face to the snail. Make the eyes black circles, add small circles on the upper right edge of the eye and leave it white. Color the rest of the eye black. Draw the mouth like a number 3 twisted clockwise. Now you have the outlines of the snail.

Step 6: Thicken the Outline (optional)

Now you can thicken the outline if you want. It makes it easier to color the snail, when you don't need to be so careful not going over the outlines with the color.

Step 7: Start Coloring

Start coloring with the darker brown marker. Color the left edge of the shell.

Step 8: Color the Shell

Then color the shell with the lighter brown maker. Leave the spiral white.

Step 9: Color the Spiral

Then color the spiral with a light pink marker.

Step 10: Add Cheeks

Now add cute little cheeks with the light pink marker under the eyes.

Step 11: Add Spots

Add spots to the spiral with the darker pink marker to make it look more natural and like a cream/jelly filling.

Step 12: Color the Body of the Snail

Lastly color the body of the snail with a yellow colored pencil. You can use a light yellow marker as well. Now your snail is ready!

Step 13: