Introduction: How to Dye Your Dog or Cat(with Home Made Dye)!

It is soooo hard to find a cool dye that works for dogs with long dark hair(I have a poodle).So I invented my own dye and here it is!(my last step has instructions on how to get it out).Please vote for me in the dyeing for color contest!

What You Will Need:


Food Coloring

Mixing Bowls


What You Need To Wash Off The Dye:

wet washcloth

dog shampoo or dish soap

Alright lets get started!

Step 1: Mixing Dye

Depending on how much dye you want put a handful or two of cornstarch in a bowl,then add 5-8 drops of food coloring or a bit of gel coloring to the bowl.Mix it together until it is the color you want.Now we can start to dye!

Step 2: Dyeing!

Take some of the dye powder(s) and put some of it on the dog(I did stripes)or cat and finger comb it in.Or you want you can brush it in.Do these steps again until you have as much dye as you want.Ready to learn how to wash it out?

Step 3: Washing Off Dye

First you need to wet your dog or cat with a washcloth.Then put some pet shampoo (you can use dish soap) on the dog or cat and rub or pet it in.Then wet rub &repeat.I hope you liked learning how to dye your dog!

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